Friday, 19 December 2008

New Product

Head shield Jackson Huntsman Scorpion light reactive shades 9-13. Auto darkening helmet gives total protection and maximum visibility when welding.
Solar powered to eliminate the need for batteries. All built into a comfortable lightweight ajustable helmet. -Externally adjustable shade 9-13. -Sensitivity and Dark-Light delay adjustable internal controls. -Solar powered. -Suitable for Arc, Mig and DC TIG above 20 amps Certified EN175, 379 and CE.
-Lightweight 420g helmet. -12 month warranty.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Frost Gift Token

With exactly two weeks left until Christmas eve, and the nights drawing in; Christmas shopping is becoming even harder.
If you are stuck for ideas and need a helping hand, Frost has a solution for you.
You are not sure what to get him or her? Well then, just go for the Frost Gift Token.
This way it can't go wrong. Giving the recipient all the choice of the Frost range.
The tokens are valid for any Frost product or promotion from a current catalogue or price list.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Frost Auto now has it's very own youtube channel!
Videos of product usage are regularly posted here. Each time we add a new video to the channel you will be updated on this blog.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

New Products

Here is a small selection of the new products available at
The Flexible Metre Long Magnetic Pickup Tool otherwise know as the "FlexiMag".
This is an extremely strong magnet that will pick up over a kilo. It is electrically insulated and can be used by many trades including electricians to retrieve out of reach items such as dropped nuts and washers. A 6mm tip is fitted to a metre long flexible rod providing the user with plenty of reach.
Now you can see what is happening inside your engine, gearbox, rear axle and petrol tank without the need to dismantle. Using high resolution fibre optics with a built in light allows sight focusing from 20mm from the end of the 6mm flexible shaft. The Endoscope comes with an 11mm outer sleeve which can hold any shape for inspection around corners.
Soda Blasting leaves a metal surface as clean and smooth as the day it was stamped at the factory. You not only have no damage from heat warping as with abrasive blasting but you also have a nice, smooth, surface to work from. No danger or mess from chemical strippers and no hard labour from hand sanding. You can blast over sound chrome, glass and rubber with virtually no effect on them at all. It also works for damage free paint removal on fiberglass. The soda leaves behind a thin film of pulverized Baking Soda on the bare metal surface which acts as a protective film to prevent flash rust. Blaster takes about 40 kilos of Baking Soda and includes an 8" hose with deadman valve, 4 nozzles and instructions. Requires minimum of 8cfm at 80psi.

Monday, 1 December 2008

The Bluebird Project

On the 4th of January 1967, whilst trying to break his own water speed record of 276mph, Donald Campbell and his Bluebird speedboat vaulted from Coniston water in the Lake District. Donald was killed instantly and the Bluebird broke up into several pieces, sinking 41metres to the bottom of the lake.
In March 2001, Donald's body was recovered by a team of divers lead by Bill Smith, along with the remains of the Bluebird.
Since then a rebuild has been underway and is in its last stages.
Frost Restorers Equipment is one of the official sponsors of the Bluebird project and has donated parts to aid the rebuild.

Frost's gift ideas for Christmas

Whether you are building, repairing, getting ready for an MOT or just polishing your pride and joy, Frost have something for your stocking.
A price range list has been created, so if you are looking to spend £5.50 or £265 Frost has the solution.