Friday, 20 January 2012

Product News: Frost helps keep the frost at bay

Check out our new product which was picked as product of the month by "Classic Car For Sale" magazine for their February.


One thing that's guaranteed to be cool is the UK winter, especially if this season is even remotely like the last two. Which is great if you prefer skids to wheels, but otherwise not so good. If you use the seasonal down-time to get round to all those niggly jobs you've been putting off through the summer, you’ll doubtless soon find that there’s nothing like frozen fingers and a chilly cerebrum to guarantee mistakes. This new SIP propane heater solves the problem. Lightweight and compact, it chucks out a très tropical 14.7kw of hot air - enough to rival a politician at polling time. The steel base facilitates height adjustment and it's well-priced at £177. This includes gas hose and regulator, so all you need to do is add a gas bottle and a power supply for the fan.
 (Classic cars for sale, Feb, 2012, Vol 12:2)

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