Friday, 15 May 2015

How To Use Wrinkle Texture Paint

Many older interiors and components were finished with a wrinkle, crinkle or crackle, effect paint. Now you can reproduce the same finish in a few hours from an aerosol spray can. Great for early M.G. dashboards, Ferrari and Lotus cam covers, electrical components, old radio cabinets, trim pieces, gauges, etc

VHT Wrinkle paintProduct Info

VHT High Temperature Wrinkle Plus leaves a distinctive custom crinkle finish that you both see and feel. The crackle finish is extremely durable, long lasting and chemical resistant. It is temperature resistant to 350°F (177°C) and is ideal for adding a touch of personal styling to almost any metal surface.
VHT Wrinkle Plus resists colour fading, grease, degreasers and severe weather conditions. This tough durable finish is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping and cracking.
Paint directly onto the bare metal  (but some customers have mentioned the paint will bond better with a coat of Self Etch Primer)
Dries within 24 hrs of applying (does not wrinkle when cold, try to use in a warm atmosphere and when humidity is less than 60%)
 Available in 2 colours: Black and Red.

Ideal for

Engine Accessory Brackets, Cam Covers, Valve Covers, Metal Dashboards, Glove Boxes, Starters, Door Panels, Shifters, Alternators, Firewalls amongst others.

What Do You Need

- Paint Stripper (optional)
- Grease and wax remover such as Frost Chassis Cleaner, Frost Panel Cleaner, POR15 Cleaner Degreaser or Eastwood Pre Painting Prep.
- Self Etch Primer (optional)
- Masking tape
- Scuff pad, sanding paper or sanding block.
- Oven or if not then Heater or Heat Gun


Paint Prep Scuff Pad1. Clean surface thoroughly.  Prepare surface by removing grease/wax, oil, loose paint, rust, etc. For best results use Frost Panel Cleaner, which will not leave any residue on the surface.
Ideally use paint striper to strip down to bare metal. Oherwise, you can scuff or sand previously painted surfaces - being sure to feather all rough edge.
Clean the surface again to make sure no residue is left over. Allow to dry before applying VHT coating.

2. Mask-off surrounding areas to protect from overspray. Vaseline over letters might be good idea too!

3. Shake for one full minute after marble is heard. Use at temperatures between 60 deg F (16 deg C) and 95 deg F (35 deg C) and when humidity is less than 60%.
To spray, holding can upright 8-10 inches from surface to be painted and use in an even sweeping motion.
Apply at least 3 heavy coats in a crosshatch pattern. First coat vertically, second coat horizontally, third coat diagonally – allowing 5 minutes between each coat
A relatively heavy film thickness is required for the product to Wrinkle. Avoid runs caused by excessive spray.

4. This paint dries very slowly. A “wrinkle” finish does not appear immediately after spraying.
Allow about 2 hours to air dry (depending on the temperature and the light). If paint fails to wrinkle or wrinkles in an uneven pattern, apply an additional coat of paint in unwrinkled areas.
Although paint appears dry, avoid any contact with surface for at least 24hours. Allow 48 hours or more before reassembling parts.
To cure the paint, bake in an oven for one hour at 200 deg F (93 deg C). Process may be accelerated by the use of a heater or heat gun. Exposure to light also help to fast forward the waiting time, as the level of heat and light exposure determines the coarseness of finish.
Once desired coarseness of finish is achieved, remove heat and light sources from object being coated until cured. Coating is fully cured after (minimum) 48 hours.

5. Finally you can remove the masking tape, sand and polish letters to finish the job!
1 Aerosol can cover approximately 12-14 square feet.
After each use, invert can and spray until clear gas comes out. If spray button becomes clogged, wipe off orifice with lacquer thinner.
DO NOT stick pins or wire into can opening.