Monday, 2 March 2009

Having Battery Problems?

Did you know that 90% of batteries fail due to the build up of sulphates on the lead plates within the battery? The build up of these sulphates occurs whenever the battery is not in a full state of charge.
The sulphates insulate the plates from surrounding acid in turn reducing the performance of the battery.
Here at Frost we have the answer:
The Battery Activator is designed to improve battery performance and greatly extend useful battery life, this device uses pulse technology to remove sulphates by sending a “shock wave” every 30 seconds through the battery. This pulse of energy, amounting to 90 amperes for a few microseconds, is sufficient to remove any build up of sulphates anywhere within the battery. Positive and Negative connections must be made direct to the battery terminals with no extension of the original leads.
The Battery Activator Can be fitted and left permanently connected. It is fitted with 3 indicators to show the condition of the battery and an indicator which flashes every 30 seconds as the pulse is generated and flows through the battery.

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  1. Sounds like a good solution to a very common problem. Most drivers have had that experience of going to the car and it not starting up. Instant Bad Day!

    I'm putting together a discussion group to learn what people want to track about their vehicle, and see if there is an opportunity to build a solution to meet those needs.

    If anyone is interested in participating please sign up here: