Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Frost News!

Frost Auto Restoration Techniques now have a new agent in the Republic of Ireland! He is: Mr Kevin Gillespie, Motor Inc Unit 24 , N.W Centre N.W Bus Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15, Ireland. (website: In the mean time a member of the Frost Team will be attending the Mercedes Benz International Gordon Bennet Rally 2009 in a 1926 Bugatti where we would hope to catch up with Mr Kevin Gillespie!

The Mercedes Benz International Gordon Bennett Rally is a 3 day event held every year in early June. The event is for cars manufactured before 31st December, 1930.The Rally this year will consist of a mixture of free driving and regularity sections. The regularity sections will only take place on the Saturday and will be the basis of the Gordon Bennett competition. Here are last year's winners of the 2008 Mercedes Benz International Gordon Bennett Rally; Andy & Philipa Spiller in their 1927 Austin Chummy Do you know who Gordon Bennett is? Some people actually think the two words are a phrase. Click here to find the truth.

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