Friday, 26 August 2011

Produce Clean Welds with Minimal Grinding

The Intergrips Welding Panel Clamps are a real boon to Car and vehicle restorers. They helps you produce clean welds with minimal grinding !

They are ideal when welding patch repairs in floors, wings, door skins etc. or when assembling fabricated panels on reskinning projects.

They will clamp flat, curved or even pressed ribbed panels.

They will hold any shape panel in place anywhere - edge to edge and perfectly prior to butt welding, leaving only a small gap which will allow full penetration of the weld.

Once the two sections are tack welded together, the wing nut is slackened, the toggle bar removed and the clamp lifted from the job prior to final welding. The end result is a first class welded butt joint with very little dressing being necessary.

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