Thursday, 22 September 2011

Lead versus Lead-Free Body Solder

Body solder has long been the choice of custom and restoration shops for filling seams, leveling uneven body work and blending in custom features. Even the best polyester body fillers available today cannot match the superior adhesion, strength and overall durability that body solder provides. Both our lead type and lead-free body solders can be applied with a commonly available propane torch.

Body solder melts at a relatively low temperature and is pushed or spread into position with a hard wood paddle to get the basic contour. Further shaping is usually done with a coarse file. Often a skim coat of polyester body filler is applied over the solder for final shaping.

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Both body solders are applied in basically the same manner. The Lead-free has the advantage of being stronger, safer, and suitable for powder coating.

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