Thursday, 24 November 2011

New Eastwood MIG 175 Welder available to buy in the UK

A new MIG Welder is available at Frost: the Eastwood MIG 175 Welder . Here is a professionnal quality welder at a DIY price : ONLY £399.00 including FREE Shipping, FREE Spool Gun and 3 year Warranty.

Features of the Eastwood MIG 175 Welder:
- Welds mild and stainless steel, 24-gauge to 8mm (5/16")
- Welds aluminium, 14-gauge to 6mm (1/4")
- Includes FREE Spool Gun (for welding 19-gauge to 1/4" aluminum plate)
- Welder has a 30% duty cycle at 135 amps, and 30-175-amp welding range
- Feeds wire at 58"-471" per minute
- Has infinitely adjustable wire speed and heat settings
- Powered by 220v, 20 amp supply

See the product in action:

More information on the Frost website...

What is MIG Welding?

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